About Us

Welcome to GS Rederi!

We are a small but tough team of profesionals working across Stockholm. Fit to deal with many jobs; from cutting grass to large excavating projects involving heavy machinery. Even long term projects whilst maintaining a profesional and personal approach.

In GS Rederi, we have many contacts we can call upon if needed. There is no project too large. 

We are pleased to offer a large range of services for both private and commercial clients, which can be tailored to suit your project needs:

  • Excavtion and excavation rental
  • Landscape construction/groundworks
  • Laying pipe and cable
  • Gardening
  • Sea transport
  • Pool building
  • Drainage

Staffan offers numerous trainin opportunities for people learning to use machines and truck cranes.

Our Team

Staffan Törnqvist



Buildings, boats, fast boats, motorbikes, cars, working, monday.

"Monday every day"

Alexander Blomberg

Excavator/machine mechanic

Mobile: (+46 768 441 291)


PCs, old cars, mechanics.

Igor Törnqvist



Horse riding, rugby, fast boats, fishing, cycling.

Elton Törnqvist

Head of Barketing


Long walks, playing fetch, eating.

Looking for work?

Send your CV to info@gsrederi.se